single viable intrauterine fetus showing active fetal movements and good visible cardiac pulsation equal to 162 bpm
transverse lie during the time of examination
placenta is fundal posterior with no retroplacental hemorrhage or hematoma
average amount of clear amniotic fluid is noted with amniotic fluid index 17.7 cm
fetal parameters in cluduration of pregnancyding BPD , HC ,FL and AC in keeping with 28 week and 2 days duration of pregnancy
normal umbilical cord with normal blood flow and waveform pattern of the umbilical artery
small left choroid plexus cyst is seen measuring 1.05 * 1 cm otherwise other fetal parts were check and there is no evidence of any fetal gross anomalies coud be detected
estimated fetal weight 1.2 kilograms

single viable intrauterine fetus with estimated gestational age 28 weeks and 2 days
days duration of pregnancy showing left choroid plexus cyst as described
re-examination after four weeks for followup is recommended