In the hands of GOD

  1. افتراضي In the hands of GOD

    [align=center]dearest of all:

    as a dream you entered my life,and as a dream you left me alone suffering the pain existing in this world .
    god knows , if i could trade my life for yours, i would have done it without even thinking twice .
    i'll never forget you , as i'll never forget that you changed my life for ever....

    dearest of all:

    i just want you to know that only one thing will ease my everlasting grief for you ,
    and only one thought will give me the same satisfaction as touching your angelic hands,
    that is i know you are in greater hands than mine ..
    you are in the hands of god.[/align]

  2. افتراضي

    thank u for this subject but i hope that all subjects after that u write it by arabic cuz all people here cant understand en

  3. افتراضي

    بس كده ...بس كلكو مثقفين اهو و بتردو بالانجلش